Swifty Sharp Review: Does It Work? Lets Find Out More About It

If you are searching for such a product that sharpens the knife and other tools of your house then you are in the very right place. Swifty Sharp is basically a product of Telebrands that helps you in sharpening the tools and knives very precisely. You can read here full Swifty Sharp Review

It is cordless and has a motorized blade that helps in sharpening. The designers have made the product with a professional-grade sapphire stone which will sharpen the tools or knives at a very perfect angle. This makes any kind of blade razor shining sharp within few seconds.  

How Does Swifty Sharp Work?

The Swifty Sharp as seen on Tv is a bright green and small device along with a back sharpening guide that covers a sapphire stone. The designers have made it cordless and are motorized but the main defect is that they have not provided any information regarding its battery or charging system. You won’t get any further information in the customer service as well.

In order to use the Swiftly Sharp, you have to take a dull blade whether it is any bread knife, paring knife or steak knife or a meat cleaver, all you have to do is take the tool and place it in the groove of the black sharpening guide.  

When you give the tool a few passes across the machine then the sapphire stone will bring your blade to perfection within seconds. One more additional feature of the product is that you can also sharpen the garden tools and scissors just by removing the guide. After its use, you can easily store the Swifty Sharp in a drawer for the further use in future.


Swifty Sharp Review

Does Swiftly Sharp Help In Sharpening Knife Easily?  

Most of us think that sharpening a knife is a very easy task to do but it’s not what it looks like. Sharpening a knife or any other tools is basically a form of an art that requires many various types of tools like steels, stones, and systems.

You can also take help from videos like how-to, books and many other DVDs for a perfect technique. There are also a lot of knife-sharpening services that are used by many restaurants and professional chefs. They use it often to keep their cutlery in the cutting edge always.

However, for the home use i.e. for most of us, we will just give light on two main things that will be very easy for you to carry out. These are the abstract from the book of Steve Bottorff named “Sharpening Made Easy”.

First of all, Steve has mentioned the crock sticks. Crock Sticks are a kind of sharpener that is usually mounted to a table and has long and thin pieces of grooved ceramic that have been projected to a certain angle for sharpening.

After mentioning about the manual sharpener the next is of course about the electric sharpener just like the Swifty Sharp. These kinds of sharpeners are quite famous ones and are recommended by Mr Steve as well.

It is one of the best choices of the chefs and also comes with different types of models. The product is mainly made with three diamond-coated sharpening wheels that are used in sharpening at different levels.

If you have to compare between the Swifty Sharp and the Chef’s choice then the Swifty just has a single wheel that has been set at a fixed angle and has sapphire, not a diamond.

Moreover, it is not known that how Swifty Sharp is powered and comes with a one month guarantee whereas the machines of Chef’s Choice comes with a guarantee of more than a year.    

One thing that everyone should keep in mind while buying a sharpener is that how much did you knife cost? Or whether is a family Heirloom, you will certainly not want to spoil your knife just by putting it in a cheap sharpening machine.

There are many cases where the beautiful and costly knives get ruined when they come under cheap sharpeners.

Pros And Cons Of Swifty Sharp

There are no key ingredients that have been used in the product. However, below here we have mentioned few pros and cons of the product.


  •    It helps in holding the blades of the knives and the tool at the desired angle
  •    It helps in sharpening your knife within seconds and thus helps a lot in saving time and the best       part about the product is that it is very easy to use
  •    The manufacturer of the product provides a 30-days money back guarantee if the customer is            unsatisfied with the product. However, you have to give a proper reason as well
  •    You don’t require any cord to put while you are working with the sharpener
  •    The product is made up with a catch-up tray that stores all the dirt that has been saved and thus       saving your kitchen or room form getting dirty
  •    It is portable and compact that can easily be stored in any corner of your drawer
  •    It doesn’t have any wires or plugs but no battery as well
  •    The product comes with a safety slot and is thus very safe to use


There are not many cons to this product. However, one of them is that

  •    It doesn’t offer any kind of free shipping for the residents that are outside of USA

Precautions That Should Be Taken While Using The Product

Below here, we have mentioned some precautions that should be taken while using the product

  •    The product is extremely poor in sharpening cobalt alloys, carbon as well as titanium alloys.              Make  sure you don’t put any of these products on the sharpener
  •    The product should be kept away from the reach of children and not be used as a toy
  •    You should handle the product with extreme care

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 I hope this Swifty Sharp review video understand more about this product

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Swifty Sharp is a modern day knife sharpener that gives you the precision to sharpen your knife and other products. It is one of the best companions in of the kitchen that everyone should have. We have mentioned every important thing in this Swifty Sharp review 

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