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We had a wonderful experience today with our wonderful guide Rowan and the drivet Marec.
Rowan is a knowledgeable guide, tells facts in an interesting way and adds some extra very nice stories. Our day tour to three sites was simply great. My two adolescents were very enthusiastic throughout the day thanks to Rowan.

Adi R. reviewed Evan Evans Tours

It means a lot to me I can exercise anytime I want in the comfort of my home whenever I want

I purchased Go Gym so I can exercise in the comfort of your own home whilst being part of a very special community and I feel proud in knowing that they are supporting a social enterprise business whose social purpose is to give back to the community by providing expert health and fitness to those who could otherwise be excluded from mainstream service due to ill health.

Daniel K. reviewed Go Gym

Sleek and good

orderwd a sim via anazon which was cheaper with prepaid credit off £20. setup and creating account was easy@although problem that i was chrged even though i had pre -paid credit. a quick chat via the messenger app and money refunded sithin 24hrs. i had it as a test payg sim fir a few weeks. but now ive PAC my contract mobile over. now im fully SMARTY and so is my partner. happy to say signal is great [three] values is awesome and going. hoa quidco gets you $15 cashback too

Anonymous reviewed Smarty

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