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Excellent Products - fast delivery service

Fantastic website, slick and informative. Good prices, offers and 100% shade guarantee or money back. Service was really good as well. Definitely will keep ordering.

B C. reviewed MerodaCosmetics

A great experience!

My daughter bought me the Megan’s Favorite, facial for my birthday. This was the best gift ever. Sixty minutes of pure bliss!

Anonymous reviewed Layered Lounge

Quality products will be ordering again

I have ordered quite a few items from TEMU and I've been very pleased with their products. They give you a date your own will be delivered by and if not you get a credit. I will be ordering alot more from them. You get a response from them real fast.

Debbie M. reviewed Temu

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Writing a review can have multiple good reasons. Not only do you help other users determine if the company they want to do business with is reliable. Therefore, it is also important that you share both your positive and negative experiences with us. We are used to venting our spleen on the Internet, but with only sharing negative experiences, it is difficult for other users to determine which companies they can do business with. In addition, your review can also help consumers who want to buy a certain item or service online safely. And how satisfying is it that you can express your frustrations! Please do so, but keep it polite! It is of course enormously frustrating if you are sent from pillar to post by a customer service or if a problem is not solved properly. But if a company has done something for you or even provided extra service, it is only fair to write about it. Companies can also use your reviews to improve their services or to ensure the quality that is there.

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Consumers sometimes can’t see the wood for the trees and wonder, for example, why the same product is much more expensive at one place than at another. What surprises are there in the small print of the purchase agreement and won’t you face unforeseen costs when you purchase a product or service? Especially when taking out insurance, it is very important to read through the terms and conditions. It is difficult to determine whether a company is reliable just by looking at a screen. And especially doing what they promise. After all, you can’t look the seller in the eye when he fires the sales pitch at you. Reviews and ratings from customers help you determine whether the party where you want to order something or take out something is reliable and also does what they promise. How often do you hear that something has been ordered, but that the products have never been delivered? Or that a webshop is no longer accessible overnight? Prevention is always better than cure and by reading up and reading experiences of real customers, you can make an informed decision. And it is of course even better if people are full of praise about a company, because then you really don’t have to worry that things will go wrong if you order or take out something with this party.