Ice Genie Review : Chill The Summer With This Ice Maker

It is really important to have enough ice when you host a party or something. Apart from that, when you want a cool summer drink, what’s the one thing that you need? Obviously a lot of ice. And asking ice from your neighbor is not a good idea. So, I have something for you Ice Genie, the product of your dreams. This ice-cube maker is just the best thing that you could have on a glaring summer day. Want to know more about it? Read our Ice Genie Review to find out more about the ice-maker.

Introducing The Ice Genie

Well, it seems like all your demands for 24-hours ice supply is over as ice Genie is here to fulfill all of them. What do you think it is? Well, the Ice Genie as seen on TV is an ice-maker that is the best during the summertime.

This product will help the users to make ice in an efficient way. If the statements of the users are considered, it can be said that the icemaker has the capacity of holding ten trays worth of ice cubes.

This means that it can hold about 120 ice cubes at once. Whoa, that certainly seems like a big number. It is due to this beneficial factor that the ice maker, the people are using the product worldwide for parties and get-togethers.

This product is also known for the versatile nature that it has. This also works as the temperature preserver unit which can be used to store some bottles that you want to be chilled. Want to store some ice-cream too? Well, throw them in there and you can do that with ease. Also, the product is easy to clean as well. So, there you go. You have no worries at all when you have the Ice Genie as seen on TV with you. If you are still confused, then this Ice Genie review will guide you. You can also buy this product from Amazon

Features That Are The Best In ice Genie

Well, the products in the market have a set of features that set them apart from any other in the list. Ice Genie is also an addition to that list. So, how can we not tell you about the amazing features? Well, here you go then.

A Bright Blue Colour

One of the features of the amazing ice maker is that it has a very attractive bright blue color which is pleasant to the eye as well. Also, it makes seeing the product and getting it really easy, even if your freezer is packed with goods.


One of the main traits of the Ice Genie is that you can actually reuse the product again and again and you don’t really have to throw it away. Just like the normal ice trays, all you have to do is refill the containers and you are good to go again. The only difference between the regular ice trays and this ice maker is that you won’t have to make an extra effort to fill the trays 10 times if you run out of ice. Doesn’t that sound amazing people?


While you might think that an ice container that is big enough to fit 120 ice cubes will be massive, it actually isn’t. The Ice Genie is a very compact and comfortable device which you can easily store in your fridge if you have just a little bit of space in it. That will surely be helpful if you go to a park and all you have is a mini freezer with you.

Fights Odors

The one problem that most people have is with the smell in the ice cubes if a container sits too long on a tabletop or a counter. Well, such a problem won’t exist with the Ice Genie Amazon product/ There is a spill-proof lid on the device that makes it enough capable of fighting the smelly odors of the outside environment. As a result, you will have fresh-smelling ice cubes every time.

Dishwasher Safe

You will love this feature for sure people. The ice container is really easy to clean if you think it needs rinsing. Well, for those who love a more thorough cleaning, the entire holder is very much safe to put in a dishwasher if you want to do that.

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Analyzing The Good And The Bad

Well, like every single market product, Ice Genie also has some pros and cons that should be looked into before you buy the product. Let’s have a look at those points before you make any decision.


  • For those who have some large parties with more people, there is an option of getting two different Ice Genie products if they want
  • This thing also doubles up as a holder for the drinks. Yes, if you clear out all the ice, then you can also use the holder as storage for keeping your drinks cool
  • There are some anti-clip devices known as the tongs that are provided with the set. So, you can easily pick up the ice cubes if you do not wish to touch them with your bare hands. That’s a helpful tool for sure


  • One of the major disadvantages of the ice holder is that once you empty the container and bring out the ice from the inner chamber, you have to break them yourself. This can be a bit of a problem for those who are accustomed to the easy process of getting ice from the ice cubes.

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In this video, you will come to know how  ice Genie

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The Final Ice Genie review

All in all, it can be safe to say that the Ice Genie is a superb tool for those who want large quantities of ice without any trouble. 

So, how did you like the ice Genie review that we have? If you liked it then you should definitely go buy the Ice Genie for sure.

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