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We have verified the company HOKA. The webshop www.hoka.com has been active for quite some time and is a reliable party to order from. HOKA is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and the website is secured with an SSL/TSL certificate, as indicated by the closed padlock symbol in front of the URL bar of the web browser. This indicates that you can safely use the payment methods they offer. The HOKA webshop uses the most common and secure payment methods available in the Netherlands.

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Posted on: 08-03-2022
Written by: ReviewXL

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Terrible - frustrating - unfair - disgusting

The trail shoes I ordered were delivered to the wrong address and photographed on the doorstep. The house owner told the driver she was not the customer and this was not the address or postcode but directed him to the correct address. The driver did not then deliver the shoes to me. Hoka will not refund me even though they have never delivered them -customer services say they are treating this as a return and i must wait until they receive them from the delivery company. I have asked to speak to someone senior who could authorise this refund as it is not a return but an undelivered order but no one has done so. I would definitely not recommend a company that treats its customers in this way.

Posted on: 29-01-2023
Last edited on: 29-01-2023
Written by: Sue L.

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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Is HOKA a reliable party to do business with?

HOKA has been rated 2 times by its customers Their average score is 7,5 where 0% of the customers have indicated that they would order from HOKA again.

In which sectors is HOKA active?

HOKA is active in the fashion industry and specifically in sectors such as shoe stores and sportswear.

I have read the reviews of HOKA carefully. What now?

Have you read the reviews of HOKA and are you convinced that this is a reliable company to do business with? Then go to the website and place your order! If you're still not sure if HOKA is right for you, have a look on ReviewXL and find a company that better fits your needs. Did the HOKA reviews give you a positive impression? We collect reviews from all major companies worldwide.

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