Why reviews are important for both consumers and businesses

Why reviews are important for both consumers and businesses

When you trust every web store on its blue eyes that they are reliable and provide a good service, you will sooner or later hit the beet bridge. While that is not necessary at all. Although perhaps 9 out of 10 providers do as they promise, it is good to have a little more certainty. That is why a review is extremely important. It gives you more information from consumers who have already done business with the shop or the web shop. And for companies, these reviews are just as important, because with the feedback they receive, they can for example, improve certain things within their company.

Reviews weigh heavily in the decision

So reviews are important for consumers and businesses, but how important are they? It has been proven that about 90% of online shoppers first consult the reviews before ordering from a particular webshop or ordering a particular product. So it should be clear that user reviews are extremely important. Customers who are still hesitant to place an order or order a certain product, can use a review to decide whether or not to buy. On ReviewXL.com, you can also read independent and reliable reviews from users who have already done business with a certain webshop or provider.

The difference between a shop review and a product review

We already hinted at it, but you do have to deal with different types of reviews on the internet. For example, there are consumers who only post a review about the experiences with the webshop where they have placed an order, while others write a review about the product they ordered. A large number of consumers write both a store and a product review. Logically, a store review tells more about the reliability and service of a webshop, while a product review provides more information about how good a product is and what the pros and cons of the product are.

What do you do with the information you read?

Okay. You now know that both store and product reviews are important and you know what it's worth. But what do you do with the information you read? Basically, you always start by reading product reviews, because you are, after all, looking for a product that you want to purchase. For example, a new television. You view the models and you read the reviews to gather information. This gives you a better idea of what other consumers think of the product. Next, you look for a store that offers the model you have in mind. Then you read the reviews of the provider where you possibly want to place the order. This is how you take the right route and it is almost impossible to go wrong!

Relevant reviews and fake reviews

You go looking for reviews of a certain internet store and you find out that there is hardly any information about the company. Then you should have doubts about the integrity of the provider. Why does the company have no reviews? Have they just started or have they been around for a while? Logically, a new company has not yet been able to collect that many reviews, but a store that has been around for years should have at least dozens of reviews. And you don't get a good picture of a store that has only collected 5 reviews in its five years of existence.

Another red flag is if a store has only positive reviews. Sure, a company can always excel at what they do, but negative reviews are always there. Something always goes wrong with someone. If these negative reviews are not there, you can ask yourself whether they have been removed by the company. In that case, you can assume that they have something to hide and take no responsibility for their mistakes. A company that also shows the negative reviews are reliable. Even more so if they also leave a comment in the review and propose a solution to the problem. That breeds a lot of trust with the customer because then you know that they are there for you if something unexpectedly goes wrong.

Few reviews is not a bad thing

Few reviews does not mean that a company is not good or unreliable, because the company may be a new player in the market. Then there has simply not been that much time to collect customer reviews. It is of course a different story if a company has been around for 10 years and has hardly any reviews. This means that they do little business and that you cannot get a good idea of how good or how bad they are. But checking the age of the store where you want to order is always a smart thing to do. And of course, it goes without saying that the opinion of 500 people is much more important than that of 50 people.

An important tool for companies

Online store owners see reviews as an important tool and that makes sense. After all, you can generate more revenue and margin with it if you handle it properly. The more reviews you collect, the greater the chance that more customers will want to order from you. And showing that you do not run away from problems and that you solve complaints ensures that a potential customer has more confidence in your store. Another plus is that reviews are seen as unique content by search engines, such as Google. And that helps you get higher in the search results. Being higher in the search results also means more visitors and therefore the chance of more turnover.

Read and learn

It is clear that reviews are important. Both for customers and companies. Whether it is a review about a certain webshop or a certain product. Relevant information is useful for everyone! This way you learn more about the service and reliability of companies and products, and companies can learn from the feedback they receive in reviews. On ReviewXL.com, you will find hundreds of company reviews written by customers, giving you a wealth of information that you can benefit from. Do you prefer to write reviews? Then we cordially invite you to share your experiences with us and our visitors!

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