Tyme Iron Reviews : Perfect Beauty Tool For Women – Should You Buy?

Tyme Iron is a high-quality hair curler and straightener. It is claimed that the appliance is highly efficient and perfect for all of your styling needs. This two-in-one product is very flexible. Tyme Iron as seen on Tv is faster than any other hair tool available in the market. This styling tool takes less than 10 minutes for mid-thickness, mid-length hair. Read here our detailed Tyme Iron Reviews 2018, to understand more about this product. You can also read Tyme iron reviews on Amazon.

Claims & Features

As per its official website (“tymestyle review“) following are the Tyme Iron.

  • Heats to 400 degrees F.
  • Can be used as a straightener or curling iron
  • Made with gold-plated titanium plates
  • Create a wide variety of styles and curls
  • On/Off switch, but no auto shut-off

tyme iron reviews on amazon

Tyme Iron Pros

  • Tyme Iron is a good looking hair tool and comes in Rose Gold color. Its design is very sleek.
  • It heats very quickly, can saves time, especially when you are in a hurry.
  • It is very easy to use, once you get used to using it!
  • The Tyme Iron is best for thick, coarse hair and does straighten and smooth very quickly.
  • There are no fiddly controls which you have to deal with, just an easy-to-use on and off button.

Tyme Iron Cons

  • It’s a more expensive appliance
  • It’s not entirely easy to use the tool. However, once you do get used to it, you will enjoy the results.
  • The flat iron only has one temperature setting which is too high for colored and damaged hair
  • There is no auto shut-off feature, so always off the tool when not in use.

How Tyme Iron Works?

Firstly, it is very important to understand that how Tyme Iron works? Well, the device promises any style whatever you want in just a few minutes. So if you want straight hair or curls you can do easily with this appliance

Tyme Iron As Seen on TV looks small in size but it is thicker and has a rounded barrel. It is perfectly designed to create big curls, loose beachy waves, tiny ringlets, or poker straight hair.


Tyme Iron Reviews

This product helps the women to create beautiful curls in very less time, as well as efficient in hair straightening too. It is claimed to achieve this due to its extraordinary design and the gold-plated titanium plates. Gold-plated titanium plates are more efficient to produce a “higher negative ionic charge and also very efficient in transferring heat to the hair.” The units warm up to 400 degrees, but there is no heat setting.

The one side of Tyme Iron is used as a straightener, and the other one is used to curl. Some customers said that the product is not working the same way as advertised. But the customer care services of Tyme Iron is very active and always willing to help its usersTyme Iron does not have an auto-shutoff feature which is another disadvantages.The cord length is large enough, that you can use it without worrying about pulling it out of the wall.

The curls achieved by Tyme Iron are beautiful, but may not hold as long as those achieved with some other devices. If you are not getting the perfect results as you expect, then try curling less hair at a time. We have found that some of its users were trying to curl too much at once, that’s why they were not getting the desired result.

Watch this video to understand more about it

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Similar Products

The current competitor of Tyme Iron is the Instyler Max 2-Way Rotating Iron, which is also used for curling and straightening hair. That product is less expensive and widely available in stores as compare to Tyme Iron. But the efficiency of  Tyme Iron is more than Instyler Max


Tyme Iron is made up of high-quality materials, and mostly gets positive reviews form its users who learn to use it properly. The price of the product is high and the feature is average. But it is totally up to you. I hope this Tyme Iron reviews 2018 help you to understand more about this product. You can also read customers Tyme Iron Reviews on Amazon.

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