Robo Twist Review: Is It Worth Your Buck? Let’s Find Out

Sometimes, in the kitchen, there are some jars that are a bit tough to crack. No matter how hard you try, it is just impossible to crack open the lid. In such cases, the users will need a proper jar opener, right? It is a trustworthy device that can be used in kitchens and parties. So, why wouldn’t you have one in your kitchen? So for that Robo Twist Jar Opener is the best option. You will read here Robo Twist Review for more information.

Introduction To The Robo Twist Jar Opener

Robo Twist as seen on Tv is a simple yet efficient jar opener that can be used by the users for opening different types of kitchen jars. The unit has made many claims of opening the most difficult of the lids from jars. If you want an efficient solution to opening tough jar lids, then you are definitely at the right place. This Robo Twist review will help you out with your needs.

Rather than struggling and banging the jars on the table, this unit will help in opening the lids in an easy and efficient manner. All you have to do is set the device on the lid and press the magic button.

This unit is definitely an option for those people who don’t want to go through the additional trouble of jar-opening in the kitchen. In light of such amazing features, Robo Twist gets 3.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

robo twist review

Pros And Cons Of The Product

Well, when it comes to a product in the market, you cannot deny that there are some pros and cons that make it the best and the worst.

It is no surprise that even Robo Twist comes in the list of those products. So, when you are set to buy it, it is important to know all about the pros and cons of this device. Here is exactly what you need to know about it.

→ Pros

  • Easy To Use

The best thing about the device is that it is very easy to use. A handy object which can be placed on top of the jar. You just have to press the button and see the magic happen. The technology used in the device helps put the pressure on the lid and as you twist it, the jar opens automatically. So, if you want to have a proper and efficient jar-opener, this one is the one that you should go for.

  • Easy To Carry

The jar-opener is very easy to carry anywhere as it is small and handy. It doesn’t even take much of the space in your kitchen. Compared to the other devices, it is a handy and promising equipment to have.

  • Base-Less Device

Basically, most of the jars are not that tall since it has no base. All you have to do in here is set the device in the lid and press the button and twist to make sure that the lid is off. This proves to be a helpful option in case you have different sized jars in the kitchen.

  • Requires Less Strength

Well, the design of the product has been made mainly for those people who have less strength on their hands and fingers, which can’t make a strong grip, who have less strength in their wrist. Nowadays, arthritis has become a common problem for people widely so most importantly it focuses on them. So, they have prepared the design in a way to remove the lids very easily. From now on, no worry! You won’t get struggle in opening your jar lids.


  • No Details About Size

The exact size of the product is not specified by the company though it is sure that it is an easy fit everywhere.

  • Cannot Use With Plastic Jars

This is another disadvantage that you get with the Robo Twist Jar opener. You won’t be able to use it for opening plastic containers and jar lids.

  • No Details About Power

Well, it is based on the design of the product that how much power it needs to work on, also the information is not given; it is just mentioned that it could see that the unit is worked by batteries. However, there is no information about the working process of battery, lasting and operation of the battery.

robo twist review

Key Features Of The Product

It is important for the users to understand how the features of the product work and how they are efficient to help them. So, for those who want to know about that, here it is.

  1. Electrical Opener

While most of the jar openers are not really the electrical ones, this product proves to be a fresh change. There is another added advantage and it is this that it can be used for opening the toughest of the lids in the jars.

  1. Lock And Unscrew Technology

This is one of the best features of the Robo Twist jar opener that sets it apart from the other openers. The Lock and Unscrew technology makes the device lock the jar lid tightly and unscrew it without any hassle

  1. Easy Use And Efficiency

Being an electrical device, this product is very easy to use. The simple push-button is easily accessible and can efficiently open any jar lid without any hassle.

  1. Less Power Consumption

As the device doesn’t really use electricity, you can be assured that it won’t charge your electricity bill. If you are looking for a device that uses less power, then this is the one for you.

 Robo Twist Review

No product is complete without a decent review. For the sake of the users, we used the product and decided that it is a great one. For those who need to know about it can check out this review. There are certain criteria that a jar-opener needs to meet for being a better option amongst the lot. Here are the details that you need to know.

Ease Of Use

When it comes to the different jar openers, there are certainly some models that have a very complicated build. Thus, they become a lot difficult to handle. This device, instead of making your job tougher, will ensure that you are able to effortlessly open the jar lid. The easy push-button fitted in the device is the best part about the product which makes it special.


When it comes to a jar opener, the efficiency is denoted by its ability to open different jars. With Robo Twist, you will be able to open any jar without any hassle. Whether it is tall or short, tight or loose, fat or slim, there is no chance of escaping the powerful and electrical grip of Robo Twist.


The affordability of a product is also important when you are out buying one. Robo Twist is a better contender in the market with a low price that appeals to those on a budget. Also, as the device doesn’t really use electricity, your house bill won’t have any effect due to the Robo Twist. Doesn’t that sound amazing?


Most of the jar openers can be used for opening jars that have a specific size. Well, that is not the case with Robo Twist as it can open any jar without any hassle.

Robo Twist vs. Other Jar Openers

Here is a detailed comparison between the other products that come close to Robo Twist in the market.

  1. Ez Off Jar Opener

This is another product on the market that proves to be as effortless as the Robo Twist lid opener. This bottle opener is a suitable option for those who want to have an efficient service that opens versatile lids.

However, the Robo Twist jar opener becomes a suitable choice as it can be used anywhere, unlike the Ez Off product.

  1. Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach is a product that is quite similar to the Robo Twist jar opener. A durable and long-lasting device which uses batteries to operate can be used for opening any lid easily. But the Robo Twist takes the game away with the price option as it is a better choice for those who are on a budget.

  1. UNCAPPER Jar Opener

This product is another great one for those who want a durable product that can last a lifetime. It comes with a warranty as well. However, this device is a bit expensive. For those who want an affordable option, the Robo Twist is an efficient choice.

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So, here is what you need to know about Robo Twist jar opener. Hope this review was helpful for you in making your decision. Robo Twist is a suitable device for the users who want efficiency along with a decent price. You can also check Robo Twist review on Amazon.

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