HD Mirror Cam Review : Rear View Mirror Dashboard Cam

Are you looking for a tiny but feature-packed dashboard camera to install in your car? Chances are that you have already come across the HD mirror cam amazon while browsing the Internet or from TV commercials. Now, if you wish to know whether this HD Mirror cam is actually going to fulfill all your requirements or not, then keep reading this HD mirror cam review 2017.

What is the HD Mirror Cam?

The HD Mirror Cam is a small dashboard camera device that can be attached directly to the rearview mirror of the car. The camera is equipped to record videos and capture images in High Definition resolution, and can swiftly transform any ordinary rear view mirror into a feature-rich camera for the dashboard. Owing to its miniature dimensions, this camera does its job without blocking the view of the driver.

There are flexible straps provided to this HD Mirror Cam, which are used to affix it to the rearview mirror of the car. You can turn and adjust the angles of this camera which allows being swiveled around by 350 degrees. The LCD panel of this hd mirror cam as seen on TV which is 2.5 inches in width. With the help of this LCD screen, you can instantly view your recordings of the camera and audio and also download other media files on to the SD card which is present in the memory card slot. You can visit its official site too hdmirrorcam.com


How does the HD Mirror Cam Work?

After getting to know what the HD Mirror cam is all about, the next obvious question will be to know how hd mirror cam works.

The LCD screen of this device is where all the information is displayed and you can also view images and video footage with the help of this LCD display. The camera has been built in with a motion sensor which helps it to capture videos and images even when you are not present in the car.

When the ignition of the car is switched ON, the camera starts to record videos automatically and turning the ignition OFF stops the camera. The manufacturer of HD Mirror cam also claims that this device one notch above the other similar items available on the market today. This is because this HD Mirror Cam comes loaded with an exclusive night vision camera, which is ideal for recording video under low light conditions. The Infrared LED lens on each of the camera helps in the low light recording.

What are the features of HD Mirror Cam?

The manufacturer asserts that they have loaded the HD Mirror Cam with various useful features, keeping in mind the convenience of the users. Let us check out what all features are present in this hd mirror cam amazon.

  • Full HD video of resolution 720p video
  • Comes with a 120 degrees wide angle lens
  • The camera swivels around by 350 degrees
  • Motion detecting camera lens so that it keeps recording even when you are not inside the car
  • Starts automatic recording with switching on the car ignition
  • Powerful night vision mode with the help of two infrared LEDs on each side of the camera
  • Loop recording of up to 14 hours
  • Built-in 2.5 inches LCD screen for playback
  • The screen can be shut off to prevent distraction while driving
  • The camera can capture audio, video, and images
  • Comes with a one-touch photo capture feature
  • Compatible with memory card – there is an SD card slot provided
  • Adhesive clips and straps to fasten it firmly to the original rearview mirror of your car


What is included in the box?

  • a USB Card reader,
  • a car charger or adapter,
  • soft adhesive straps and mounting clips for fastening the dash camera
  • an instruction manual for the users

How do you use HD Mirror Cam?

  • Mount

The first that you will need to do is mount this device on to the original rearview mirror of your car. Use the adhesive straps and clips to attach it on top of the mirror.

  • Record 

The moment you switch ON the ignition of your car, the camera will start to roll. Even when you are away from your car, it will keep on recording based on the motion sensor built into it. In case you want to capture a particular image you can simply use the button for an instant snap.

  • Save

You can review the images and videos captured using the playback feature. For all those devices which have an SD card inserted, the recordings can be captured and saved to the card. So you can also download and save them from the device onto your computer or smartphone too.

HD Mirror Cam Review

Before you decide to buy this hd mirror cam amazon, going through the user reviews to get a clear picture is always the best thing to do. We went through many user reviews and came to know about the advantages of using this device.


Many of the users have said that the features offered by this HD Mirror Cam especially the night vision mode, is very useful. They feel that the 60-day money back policy from the manufacturer of this device is a very helpful feature that has encouraged them to buy and try out this dashboard camera. Moreover, with its sleek dimensions and design that totally aligns on top of the rear view camera of your car, it does not even block the line of sight of the driver.

And even when nobody is inside the car, it will still keep on recording, based on its motion sensors, which capture any movement detectable. Also, it is priced very competitively, which the users feel is another big draw about this device.


However, there are users who have different opinions too. They have expressed their disappointment after using this product.

These users feel that the hd mirror cam as seen on TV does not provide an accurate idea of the product. It is pretty bulky compared to what is shown on TV, so they faced discomfort while driving the car. Moreover, the SD card slot needs to be bought additionally, which they felt was a big drawback.

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Any other alternatives?

Before buying the HD Mirror Cam, you might like to view few other products which come with similar features. In that case, the Auking HD Dash Cam and Sendow Mirror Dash Camera are worth checking out.


All said and done, we would suggest that you set your expectations accordingly by reading user reviews instead of blindly believing hd mirror cam as seen on TV. But considering the price point and range of useful features that this product has on offer, it will not be a bad purchase either.

After reading our hd mirror cam review what do you think about this product? whether it is important for you or not. Please share your reviews in our comment section

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