Flex Tape Reviews : A Quick Leak Free Repair- Does It Works or Not?

One of the handiest things to have in your warehouse, Flex tape can fix almost everything. Whether it’s a broken work or a hole in a wall, trust flex tape to do the job for you. But the most important question is- does flex tape actually work? We have seen many products on TV which promise a lot but deliver almost next to nothing. Is flex tape as seen on TV another one of those disappointing products? Our extensive research tells us otherwise. To show you how effective Flex Tape really is, we have compiled a list of flex tape reviews so that you to make an informed decision.

What is Flex Tape?

Before we jump into the reviews, let us first understand what Flex tape actually is. Basically, Flex tape is a rubberized, waterproof tape that uses a triple thick adhesive to fix and attach tougher than tough items.

The companies claim that Flex tape is suitable for almost any surface, including ceramic, glass, rubber, fiberglass, stucco, plaster and so on. It forms a waterproof seal, protecting the material underneath. Because of its waterproof nature, Flex tape is also used to fix leaking pipes, roofs or inflatable swimming pools. Flex tape is available in the primary colors is black and white.

How to Use Flex Tape?

To use Flex tape, follow these four steps:

  1. Unroll the tape and use a sharp pair of scissors to cut to the desired length.
  2. The tape has a paper backing, which needs to be removed to expose the side with the adhesive.
  3. Clean the surface before application. Once applied, press down hard to remove any air bubbles that may have entered.
  4. The best thing about Flex tape is that its hold on the surface grows stronger over time, unlike other adhesive tapes which start losing their strength as time passes. 

Is Flex Tape Suitable for All Surfaces?

Although Flex step is said to work on all surfaces, it may be less effective on plastic and silicone products. Also, if the surface is oily, greasy and porous, Flex step will have a less than desirable result.

Flex tape is also not suitable for surfaces that have temperatures above 200F, such as microwaves and car engines. This is because, at such high temperatures, the adhesive on the tape starts melting and becomes all gooey. This causes it to lose grip on the surface and thus damages its quality. Flex tape is also not suitable for surfaces that undergo high-pressure situations.

Also, Flex tape should not be considered as a permanent solution. It is only meant to hold the fort (in this case, the damaged surface) while you get it fixed.

To get the best results, you should use the Flex tape that is shown in the infomercial. Any other variety might not be as effective as the one demonstrated. Also, while the infomercial does claim that Flex tape can fix almost everything, the manufacturers themselves have claimed that the Flex Tape is more of a temporary solution and should not be considered as a permanent fix.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Flex Tape

Listed below are some of the advantages and disadvantages you can expect when you first buy Flex Tape:


  1. Flex Tape is actually great at binding ordinary surfaces and fixing leaks. For example, Flex tape can be a temporary solution to a leaking pipe. It works very well in situations at home which require an industrial strength sealant.
  2. The tape itself is very thick, and this is able to hold on to the surface in a better way. The problem with thin tapes is that they lose grip as soon as the pressure on the surface tilts towards maximum. But because of its triple adhesive system, Flex Tape can keep its grip on surfaces for extended periods of time.


  1. One major disadvantage of Flex Tape is that it does not work well on wood and other rough surfaces. In other words, the smoother the surface, the better this tape will work.
  2. Flex tape is only a temporary solution, so you cannot slap it on a surface and let it go. You will have to get the original problem fixed at some point in time.
  3. Flex Tape does not work well on plastic surfaces, especially if the surface is wet. Neither is it effective under high pressure and high-temperature situations.

Customer Flex Tape Reviews

Most customers have left positive reviews for this product, but they have also said that Flex Tape is only suitable for small leaks and fissures. If there is a three inch long crack in your pipe, Flex Tape might not be the route you want to take.

For the tape to actually work to its full extent, the surface must be cleaned and smoothened completely. In such a situation, Flex tape will work even if the surface is wet.

Customers gave also suggested the Flex Sea in case of small leaks because it works just as fine as Flex tape and costs much less.

Essentially, Flex tape is a product that can hold two things together for a short while. It is not a magical sealant that can fix leaks of any shape and size at the drop of a hat.

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This concludes our flex tape review. The product is more effective than ordinary sealants but is not magical. If you overlook some of its shortcomings, it is actually a pretty decent buy, considering the price it comes at. Again, use the flex tape as seen on TV. In other words, try to get your hands on the product they demonstrate in the infomercial because that is arguably the best available option.

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