Blu Breeze Review: Does It Work The Way It Is Supposed To?

Blu Breeze as seen on Tv is a portable and compact air conditioner that uses very less energy in comparison to the larger system of air conditioning. It is so small that it can easily be fit in any countertop or table. Great isn’t it? In this post, you will read complete Blu Breeze review

It means that you can use this air conditioner in any room of your house. You can even take this amazing cooler to outdoors on a hot sunny day. The best part is that instead of using too much power, this air cooler simply needs water to convert into the cool and humid hair. You can also charge it with the help of USB cables or batteries.

How To Use Blu Breeze Air Conditioner

Mentioned below are some steps that will let you know how to use the Blu Breeze air conditioner.

 ⇒  Add Water Taking The Lid Off

Before you begin to use this amazing air conditioner, the first thing that you should see is it is able to sit properly on a flat surface and doesn’t have the risk of falling down. Now take off the lid which is at the top and pour water at the designated hole. However, make sure that the water is neither too hot nor too cold and if you are confused about where to pour in the water then just stop there. Read the instruction manual properly and then proceed.  You should also look for how much water to pour into the hole exactly in the instruction manual.

  ⇒  Turn The Unit On

Once you have filled enough water in the hole the next thing you should do is to turn on the unit. There is a power button that is on the bottom right-hand corner of the air conditioner which you have to press.

⇒    Enjoy The Cool Air

Within few seconds after you have powered up your Blu Breeze air conditioner, you will see that the air in the surrounding starts to get cool. And within a minute, you will start enjoying the cool air in the area surrounding you.

How Does The Blu Breeze Air Conditioner Works?

Due to the aqua technology that is present in the Blu Breeze air conditioning system, it does it work very effectively. Thus when you pour the water into the designated hole, it collects it in the filter and the fan pulls all the stale and dry air from outside the environment. Next, the filter helps in converting the stale, hot and dry air into a very cool and humified air and releases it into the room to make the environment cool.

Blu Breeze Review

Features Of The Blu Breeze Air Conditioner

Here are some features of the Blu Breeze air conditioner.

 →  Lids And Handles

Each Blu Breeze air conditioner generally comes with a handle and a lid attached to it. So this helps you in moving around the house and other areas very easily without wasting much water.

  →  Portable

Along with having a handle and a lid, these air conditioners are totally completely portable due to their mini size. Each of the product is about the size of a bread toaster and don’t weigh too much at all.

This will help you in moving them from one room to another or to your vehicle without making you exhausted.  The best part is that it can even be fit in your suitcase if you are traveling somewhere.

So, you won’t face a problem from now on if you want to take a personal cooler with you always. However, make sure first that you have emptied the water from the filter.

 →   Makes No Noise

Most of the air conditioning units make a lot of noise and the sound becomes unbearable sometimes. But this is not in case of the Blu Breeze air conditioner as it makes a sound which can barely be heard.

So, if you are using this product on your table to work, it won’t disturb the people who are working nearby the device. The same thing is for when you use this product on your home. You won’t have any problem with watching a movie or a TV program.

 →   You Can Charge It By Three Power Sources

You can run the air conditioner by plugging it into an electrical outlet. However, you can also run it with the help of batteries or use a USB cable to plug in into your computer. Sounds great, this means that the use of this device is not limited to electrical places only. If you are out and there is no electrical outlet then you can use batteries or your laptop to run the device.

 →   Get Two Units At Once

While you may want to but only one type of the units, sometimes you might be lucky enough to get two units at once. You never know when your luck turns on your side. This means that you can use them in two different rooms. Or if you need only one conditioner at your home then you can take on your office or cottage.

Blu Breeze Review

Pros And Cons Of The Product

Here are some pros and cons of the product


  →  Indoor And Outdoor Use

Most of the air designed especially for indoor use, but this air conditioner can be used outdoors like in the deck or the backyard. You can even take it inside your suitcase for vacation or weekend spots.  Due to its compatibility and lightweight, it takes only a few minutes to take it back to its original place from outdoor.

 →   Helps In Sleeping

It is obvious that during the hot nights, it becomes very difficult to sleep. Using the Blu Breeze beside your table, you will fall asleep quickly and feel much comfortable in the surrounding environment. The best thing is that the device doesn’t make noise at all, so, it won’t disturb you in your sleep.

  →  Ideal For Small House And Apartments

Sometimes we have seen that the most common problem with all the small houses and apartments are that they have very small rooms. This means that there are not enough places for large air conditioners. So, if you are living in a small dwelling then it will help you remain cool.


    → Requires Too Much Water

With every good thing, there is also a bad thing associated with it. In this case, you will constantly need a large amount of water to keep this device running. In addition to it, think about the hard labour in filling those water in the filter.

 →   Don’t Have Any Option Of Dehumidifying

The Blu Breeze makes the air humid before it releases it into the surrounding. It sounds great for those people who love humidity. However, other people who have a problem of asthma or allergies feel uncomfortable to breathe in the humified air. Unfortunately, this device has no dehumidifying option.

 →   No Batteries Included

If you want to run the unit with the help of batteries then you will need four AA batteries. The main problem is that you have to buy the batteries; they won’t be included in the unit.

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Hope this Blu Breeze review was helpful for you. Make sure that the device is out of the reach of the children as they might hurt themselves running around it. The price is highly affordable so you can give it a try.


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