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Washing your dog is not an easy task especially when he comes back home with a body full of dirt and mud. While washing them, the bathrooms and the toilet get messed up and water splashing all over the owner and this is what makes the bathing more frustrating. However, if you are looking for an alternative and easy way to wash your dog then you are in the right place. BarkBath is an amazing dog washing system that will help you clean your dog without creating any mess. This amazing product will save you time as well as the requirement of water is 50 times lesser. Moreover, the rating of this product in the Amazon is found out to be 3 out of 5 stars. In this BarkBath Review Article, you will learn more things about it.

BarkBath review
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Key Features

The key features of this amazing product include

  • The shampoo and the water from the product wash the skin of the dog and the soft suction system helps in pulling the odors and dirty water away.
  • The nozzles of this product are patented which helps in getting even under the thick fur of the dog and reach out the skin.
  • The dirty water that comes out after the bath is collected and stored in a separate tank. This helps in getting away from the mess.
  • The product is provided with a 16 oz bottle of Fresh and Clean No-Rinse shampoo for dogs.
  • The product is designed specially to avoid the clogs. The screen that is on the tool helps in keeping the hair out of it.

Pros And Cons

Any product cannot be perfect, it will always have some cons related to it. Here are few pros and cons of the product.


  • It is very easy to use and is very effective at cleaning dogs. The tank is filled with water and the water which has dirt gets separated in the next compartment.
  • The tank can be filled with warm water as well. This gives the dog a good bathing experience.
  • It is very cost efficient and helps you save a lot of money.
  • You can carry it wherever you want and make your dog feel fresh. Some dogs feel comfortable bathing outside.
  • You will get a microfiber mat when you buy this amazing product.
  • It has a cord of length 15 feet which allows moving easily.


  • The product is not that effective in case of long-haired dogs. It does not discharge enough water from the long-haired dogs.
  • Other customers complain that the product doesn’t suck the water from the long-haired pets very easily.
  • The sound of the machine is very loud which is just as same as the normal vacuum cleaner. This makes the dogs very nervous.
BarkBath review
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BarkBath Review

Overall this product can be said an amazing one and is very easy to use. After unboxing the product you will find that it has a BarkBath washing system, Microfiber mat, a Microfiber Towel, and a no-rinse shampoo. The product comes with almost assembled form. You don’t have to do much, just hook the hose to the bathing tool from the base unit. Next, you have to screw in a hook behind the hook so that the spraying wand can be rested on it. Here are some of the reviews of this amazing product like how is it easy to use and how is the processing of the wand.

Ease Of Use

First of all the water reservoir of the base unit should be filled. It also allows you to set the temperature according to your comfort and don’t have to worry about the temperature of the water again. Another benefit of the product is that it uses a very little amount of water in comparison with the traditional bathing system.

Once you have setup the water, you can pour the no rinse Bissel shampoo. This shampoo is gentle and doesn’t require any kind of heavy rinsing. There are two options set on the bathing tools which help you to choose between the shampoo and the rinse modes.  This helps you to choose if the shampoo is fed to the bathing wand.  After you have set all those things up, your dog is ready to take a luxurious bath.  Just turn on the unit and run the bathing wand down your dog’s coat.

Processing Of The Wand

At the lower part of the wand, there are a total of four jet nozzles that sprinkles out water and the mixtures of shampoo with a great speed which goes under your dog’s coat, reaching the skin. There is metal skin area which is just above the water jet. This metal skin helps in sucking up the dirt, water, and shampoo all back to the hollow tube and stores the dirty water in a separate compartment which can be disposed of after the bath. One of the best parts of the BarkBath is that rather than working from the top down, the tool works from bottom up. As the water from the cleaner is going directly to the skin of your dog then it is not required to soak your dog’s fur completely in order to make it clean.

The product also has the feature to stop the water by releasing the trigger. But the wand will continue to suck up the water if some spots on your dogs need to be dried up.

Base Unit

The base of the BarkBath is something that has to be set up during the time of the initial stage. However, this is ignored many times when it is done.  On the left side of the body, there is the “Clean Water Tank” while on the right side of the unit there is “Dirty Water Tank”. The dirty water that is sucked by the hose is stored in the dirty water tank. You have to wash and remove water from the tank very carefully after every bath.

It is really difficult to take care of dogs, but don’t worry you can read here some important tips that will help you to take care of your dog.

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BarkBath vs. Other Dog Washing System

For those users who want to know about other options as well, there are some more products that you should take a look. We will compare them one by one

1.Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tools

This is basically a hand-held dog bathing tool which is basically designed to make your dog easy to wash wherever you want to. However, you have to spray with your hand in which the BarkBath is more compatible. Moreover, the cord is less in length in comparison to the BarkBath. The mounted spray nozzle doesn’t sit fit in every customer’s hand.

2.Water PPR-252 Pet Wand Pro

The Waterpik Pet Wand Pro is basically a hand help sprayer attachment that can be connected to any outdoor or indoor faucet. The tool is made with a unique and elongated spray handle. This makes the bath time faster. However, the BarkBath is more comfortable as the Waterpik doesn’t come with a big water tank. So, if you have a big dog then it might create a mess whenever you wash them. The price of this product is relatively high regarding its quality.

3.Pet-Gear Pub Tub

At first look, the Pet-Gear tub looks like a simple plastic tub which is very simple. But if you look closer then you will find that it is a tub that is designed especially for the pets and other dogs. This product is made from durable materials. However, this product will be helpful if your dog is of a small breed. Larger dogs might face difficulty to fit in. So, for larger dogs, the BarkBath will be a better option.

You can even watch this video, it will surely help you to understand this product really well!

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Final Verdict:

So, those were all about the BarkBath review. It is an amazing and complete product to use for those who want careful grooming of their dogs. Moreover, the price of this product is according to the quality. No more worrying about cleaning your dogs without creating a mess.

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