5 Second Fix is the type of a liquid plastic welding component which creates an everlasting bond using the UV light flash. You can not call 5 Second Fix a glue but it can fix, repair, and seal everything virtually. It worked well with metal, wood, glass, and much more. You can also position or reposition the surface prior to fixing it. Here are our genuine 5 second fix reviews so that you can make your decision. Let’s find out does 5 second fix work.

So What Exactly is 5 Second Fix?

In our 5 second fix reviews we will find out how does it work? 5 Second Fix is not a glue rather it is a liquid resin. Until it is cured with a UV light of a particular wavelength, it stays in liquid form. This type of technology is consistent and environment-friendly and is used since the 1960s. As we know, glues are suitable only for a certain number of things. On the other hand, major benefits of weld resin is that it does not emit fumes. There is no sticky residue. It works on both wet or dry surfaces. Moreover, resulting weld/bond is always harder than glue.

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What is the LED light for?

5 Second Fix works on battery-powered UV LED light. It basically hardens the glue. You need to simply apply glue to where ever you want. Just shine the UV light on the specific part for about 15-20 seconds and wait till the resin hardens. Job of “wielding” is done by UV light. As soon as the battery gets weaker the light also dims. You should always have a larger UV flashlight to cover larger area. It will help you in repairing things quickly.

How To Use 5 Second Fix?

Here, we are going to tell you how to use 5 secons fix. 5 second fix as seen on tv is a powerful liquid plastic welding compound. However, 5 Second Fix is very simple to use .You simply need to do is apply the 5 second fix on the surface of item and then weld it with the UV light. The welding component of 5 Second Fix is super powered and makes a solid bond with its UV light.

Fixes practically everything

5 second fix as seen on tv helps you to fix all type of metal, plastic, glass, or many more materials. It also does not create a sticky mess similar to adhesives. So everybody can use it without any difficulty. It is really flexible, paintable and sandable. You may use it on anything, even furniture so that it looks brand new. If you are using 5 Second Fix,  the repair will not be visible on a transparent thing. It will appear like nothing was ever broken.

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How Do You Use 5 Second Fix?

This device usually comes in a pen-like device. Basically, it has an applicator with brush and a UV light. In order to use it, you should brush it on the items you wish to repair. Moreover, It doesn’t dry from air/heat, you can reposition according to your requirement. The two units are now melded as one. You can also check 5 second fix review on amazon and compare various customers ratings.

The tv advertisement displays 5 Second Fix used to fix a broken glasses, and even a drone. They also say that 5 Second Fix is very flexible. It can be sanded as well as painted so that you can use it everywhere.

You will also get a 30-day money back guarantee. There is a good customer service by 5 second fix. They are very eager to help you anytime.

Bottom Line: 5 second Fix Reviews 2018

These type of products are becoming really popular because they stay clear and work fastly. You dont need a professional too as you can do it yourself. These were our 5 second fix review 2018, if you have any query you can comment below. Major benefits are: a) bond can be repositioned until it’s just perfect b) when you want the bond will get hard too. This product offers many benefits to its users. It has many advantages over a glue. The best part is that you can do it yourself.